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WSO Slip-On Bucket



The Wicker WSO Slip-On Bucket allows the operator to switch from a fork to bucket operation quickly and economically. A full line of buckets are available for handling wood chips and light material or for general clean-up purposes.

The WSO Slip-On Bucket can be ordered with a standard T-1 cutting edge or with a drilled base edge which will accept optional bolt-on edges. These bolt-on edges are reversible to extend wear life. They are made of high strength material to provide maximum resistance to abrasion and impact breakage. The WSO Bucket is securely held in place with the use of two drop pins which allow the operator to use the full-width fork clamp to aid in inloading and holding extra-capacity loads.

The Wicker Buckets are built with the same quality workmanship and material found in our Wicker Forks. The Wicker WSO Slip-On Bucket adds versatility and economy to your logging and loading operations.